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The Logo

Inspiration for the Logo

Stevie LaDue's artistic and creative talents found expression in much of what he did. He especially loved woodworking and his handiwork is found in nearly every home of his family members and friends.  Often his Christmas or birthday gifts were creations by his skilled hands. He also enjoyed engaging in art and craft projects with family members.

Several years ago his mother, Linda Benoway, began working on a large woodcarving of an oak tree. Of course whenever Stevie came by the house, he could not resist adding his own touches or suggestions to the emerging tree. The 4' wide and 3' high woodcarving now hangs over the mantel of the fireplace at the Benoway home. Because of the involvement of Stevie with his mother on this art project, this oak tree has become the inspiration for the Logo of the Stevie LaDue Firefighters Foundation.

The oak tree is a fitting symbol for the Foundation.  The tree represents life and strength, and its branches and leaves are reminders of the importance of reaching out. Stevie dedicated his life and career to loving and serving others. The Foundation seeks to model his example by "giving hope and help to save lives" among first responders and their families. We do this in honor and remembrance of Stevie.

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